Find Out Information About T-1 Providers

If you are running a business, large or even medium sized, you may well find it worthwhile to get a dedicated T-1 connection for all your data and voice transmissions. Although the lines can be a little expensive, you will probably find that it pays at the end of the day. Shop around the various T-1 providers and you should be able to get a good deal. As demand for this service increases, so does the competition. This leads to the cost drop which benefits the consumers.There are many advantages. For one thing, it is fast, much faster than a normal phone line or DSL cable line. Both upload and download speed exceed what one get from the standard equipment. This means it can run your telephone exchange as well as providing you with high speed internet access.There are many providers. Some are companies already established in the telecommunications field while others may have got into the industry. You can browse the internet to look at the products offered across the United States and Canada. In Europe, they use E-1 which may not necessarily be compatible with North American.A T-1 line is a copper or more recently fiber optic line that can transmit 1,544 megabits per second and can carry up to 24 channels of voice and data transmission. This is the standard. Basically all companies are offering the same product but will have different packages and, most importantly, levels of customer service.As the use of T-1 lines expands, so do the available facilities. It is therefore very important that you should collect as much information as you can about this service before making an investment. There are Data T-1 lines, Voice T -1 lines and integrated T-1 lines to name but a few of the options. You can get a connection between two specific points only or from one point to multiple locations.Another advantage is that these lines seldom go wrong. If they do, they are always the first to be repaired because of their importance to the entire communication set up country-wide. So while it might take a couple of days to get your DSL cable fixed your T-1 will be running in a couple of hours.There are several websites which will help you to select the T-1 provider most suitable for you. This can help you to cut through all the bewildering and conflicting information advertisements use. Once you supply the basic information these sites will tell you what your options are and then you can get a quotation.Your location is the first thing as some providers are regional and some are national. Then you need to decide whether you intend to use the internet for services like Voice of Internet Protocol (VoIP), Virtual Private Networks (VPN) or web conferencing. When you have answered those questions, you will need to give some further information regarding your telephone requirements such as again, conferencing facilities or dedicated trunk lines. Once all the information has been submitted, you can expect to receive quotations from the appropriate T-1 providers in your area.


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